Fabrizio Benelli   Italiano  

My name is Fabrizio Benelli, I was born in Florence in 1979.

I spent my childhood in my dad's workshop, surrounded by old tools for engraving;
sitting on the workbench I used to observe
how the gouges in his hands would cleverly shape the wood,
which chip by chip was transformed into leaves, all kinds of animals, fruit, noses, mouths, eyes.

I grew up there creating and building my rudimentary toys and friends to play with.
I have studied history of arts, drawing, painting, carving techniques and applied art
at the atelier of Maestro Stano Dusik, with whom I still collaborate.

I love the smell of newly cut wood, of haberdashers, of the air after thunderstorm,
I love looking at the stars, I love quiet places;
I love old books, springtime and caresses, I love lying down in the meadows;
I love solving problems, churches, whispering in ears, the sun, quotes, children;
I love optimism, prayers, humble people, smiles,
I love finding the positive in every situation… because joy is the best way to success.